Friday, June 15, 2012

Mirage Hobby 1/72 OT-130/2 Chemical Tank first page (by Erhan)

Hi dear friends,

For a while I wanted to make a T-26. Mirage Hobby produces variations of the T-26 . At the end of I found cheaper one from ebay. An OT-130, chemical tank (flame tank) version.
enjoy !!

a short information : (from Wikipedia)
Flame-throwing tanks formed around 12% of the series production of T-26 light tanks.[1] It should be mentioned that the abbreviation "OT" (Ognemetniy Tank which stands for Flame-throwing Tank) appeared only in post-war literature; these tanks were originally called "KhT" (Khimicheskiy Tank which stands for Chemical Tank), or BKhM (Boevaya Khimicheskaya Mashina; Fighting Chemical Vehicle) in the documents of 1930s. All chemical (flame-throwing) tanks based on the T-26 chassis (KhT-26, KhT-130, KhT-133) were designated BKhM-3. The vehicles were intended for area chemical contamination, smoke screens and for flame-throwing.
The TKhP-3 chemical equipment for smoke screens and chemical contamination was developed in 1932. This equipment could be easily installed on any T-26 light tank and was produced by the "Compressor" Factory, (introduced for smoke screening as the TDP-3 from summer 1934; 1,503 such sets were produced to the end of 1936).[1]
KhT-26 (OT-26) — Flamethrower variant developed in 1933. Based on the twin-turreted T-26 mod. 1931 tank but using a single turret armed with a flamethrower, the second turret was removed.
KhT-130 (OT-130) — Flamethrower variant of model 1933, using a larger 45 mm gun turret (a gun was replaced with a flamethrower).
KhT-133 (OT-133) — Flamethrower variant of model 1939 (a gun was replaced with a flamethrower).
KhT-134 (OT-134) — Flamethrower variant of model 1939, with 45 mm gun.

Let's see parts

assembly time

Suspension and wheels. 70 pieces total.

I did it in 15 minutes. I was tired. We should do a total of 4 units.

Okey !!

Installation of vinyl tracks..I like it.

painting time.. Vallejo mix % 75 US Dark green + % 25 white.

Okey here is completed model
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