Monday, February 18, 2013

PST 1/72 KV-122 heavy tank (by Hakan Karlı)

Hi dear friends,
Hakan Karlı making a new miniafv.. It's a Russian tank and his first winterwash try.. Very nice photos and good job Hakan...

Vallejo (the airbrush pluger) gray primer...

Vallejo black gray mixed (spitting :) )

Russian green...

light green and satin varnish

winter camouflage of hair spray technique..(detail http://miniafv...braille-scale-modelling.html)
Hair spray and 10-15 min wait

white paint and brushes, (short-and medium-hard)

Let the white paint

Prepare lukewarm water

Rub the brush on surface

it's ok..

To be continued..  (coming with a mini vinyet..)

completed model link http://miniafv....pst-kv-122-completed-by-hakan-karl.html
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