Friday, February 15, 2013

A bus story, page 1.. Roden 1/72 Opel Blitzbus (by Erhan)

 Hi dear friends,

Do you remember this photo ?
In January I asked you : Which Opel (Blitz) ?
Winner : Roden Opel Blitzbus...

This kit released in 2012. A new mold and must be  good quality. But I was wrong...

Let's start  the Blitzbus story, but it will last longer.

I started on January 17, proof of the upper..

Parts and meet ..

Roden has a nice clean piece molds have kits. Old Opel Blitz truck chassis used in this kit, wonderful..
Therefore, there are many parts in common with truck parts.These parts are of good quality, clean the mold. However, doesn't have the same quality parts for Blitzbus. Already these parts in different colors.

quality of common parts with the truck.

there is acetate for windows..

Let's start with the body of the bus..


Parts are not compatible.. Had big gaps and need to putty.

interesting designed :)

Putty and sanding .. The front part has been broken. Glue it... Again, putty and sanding, has been broken.. Glue it.. not solid. I've tried all the glues. I have to be patient ..

Body is waiting, let's try seats... An interesting design. Let's do reference research.

to be continued...
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