Monday, January 7, 2013

Which Opel (Blitz) ?? (by Erhan)

Hello friends,

I want to build a Blitz. There are 6 different box  Blitz in my collection. Vuuu I got a lot. But I don't regret it. I love the boxes .. :)

Which one do you want ?? What is your opinion. Help me please...

This is the ESCI Opel Blitz truck.
Have a bad mold. I wanted to get a civil truck, but it's not over. It is a spare part now ...


  1. I do wish that I had bought in years past some of those ESCI Ambulance vehicles. Minus the Red Cross, they would have made fine Barttalion/Regiment/Brigade command/radio vehicles.

  2. I like the look of the Roden command bus, but whatever you decide to build I will be interested as I am building some Opel Blitz myself soon. Good luck!

  3. Nice collection. I'd like to see the bus put together and painted.

  4. Merhaba Erhan,

    I always liked the boxart of the Roden Blitz. These Roden-guys have quite a humour. Build up the Academy cargo Blitz with late cabine some days back. But ... please build up the Bus a give us a little tutorial,


  5. I did the Roden Blitz, and I loved it :)

  6. Other platform messages :
    ** Kelvin Cubano : the academy is a easy one but the bus ummm there are great

    ** Şafak Karayel : Blitz bus.. kırmızı otobüs güzelmiş Erhan abi, yapta seyredelim..

    ** Benjamin Peck : do the bus.......................

  7. Tomek Basarabowicz : ESCI, event though it's ageing... Airfix ain't that bad, too but you haven't got it.

    Mike Wilson : Id be interesting in seeing what the Opel Bus looks like,.

  8. Omnibus Stabswagen

  9. Otik Spitfire Stahl : if you want an easy-build, take one of the Academys. If you want a nice a accurate one, take Roden. Att: the front wheels are not right, they are for a 4x4 version.

    Neil Lyall : Hello Erhan. The best is the Roden, is an easy assembly and is mostly accurate. The Academy Blitz has ease of assembly and two cab choices - the einheits cab is oversized - use the metal cab if building this one. I did a comparison of this one and the MAC Blitz on my blog, and the MAC Blitz has a much better einheits cab. The Academy radiator grille is simplified and doesn't have enough spokes in it. The same radiator grille is in the Academy Blitz fuel truck too. The grille issue is fixable if you want a more accurate looking model. The Roden Stassenzeppelin has a few fit issues around the front windows, bonnet and mudguards and needs filler and sanding - its my opinion (having made one of these) this one is the most work of all the kits you have posted. I have not made the Roden Stabswagen bus, but it is about the same as the standard Opel bus, which I have made, but has a different interior. It has a few small fit issues with the bonnet and mudguards, nothing too major though. The etch roof rack is very flat and is better replaced with wire bent to shape, or put some cargo in it and cover it with a tarpaulin. Some assess that the bonnet and radiator has incorrect dimensions, but I don't worry about that too much as it looks about right to the eye. Being an experienced and patient modeller you won't have too many problems whichever you choose Erhan.

  10. George Buzby : ALBY makes a bus too, but good luck finding one. I'd go with the ESCI kit, because it reminds me of the happy days back in the 1980's building kits.

    Simone Filippone : Roden, of course!

    Gianni Fiani : I do not mind even if you add the academy conversion MK72 ...... wheels and grille .....


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