Friday, January 11, 2013

Airfix 1/76 Churchill Mk VII (By Erhan)

Hello with an Airfix ..

It's a Churchill. Classic and famous antique model for Airfix. I had so much fun when I do. I hope you will love as well.
Now here is construction stages. Not completed yet. When I finished, will come to you.
A nice weekend,

Let's go parts..

I started with the turret. Barrel drilled with a drill..

Suspension and wheels .. A hard group..

the body combined...

All parts are readily available .. like Lego..

We are ready..

track is broken .. Such as Viagra had swallowed..

repair and painting..

Need a crew..I'm so sorry my friend, did it hurt.

Some update...18.01.2013

added decals..

oil wash and dry brush..

here is the completed modelhttp://miniafv.....airfix-176-churchill-mk-vii-completed.html



  1. thank you Jay :) I love Airfix !!

  2. This is a difficult kit to get the wheels and body right so very nice work. If you make another one, you will find that the wheels on the sprue are the same distance apart as the bogies on the sprue. You can then glue the wheels on the bogies then cut both off the sprue. This saves a lot of work. Drilling out the holes on the body also helps. Have a look at Missing-Lynx, Braille Scale board and search on Airfix Churchill and also Lloydian links for detailing the kit. You may want to add the band at the bottom of the turret and a thicker gun barrel. The Matchbox/Revell Churchill is also a nice model and can be easily converted to a gun tank.

  3. LOL - 'viagra' track! Very nice build. The Churchill may have been a bit of a mediocre gun tank but it looks so interesting, and there are so many variations.

  4. İyi toplamışsın Erhan abi. Eline sağlık.

  5. Great post Erhan, the Airfix Churchill really does get the thinking process going during the running wheel assembly.

    I look forward to more!

  6. First ever tank I bought with my pocket money all those years ago, great job mate.

  7. Özgür, Paul, Rich , thank you..


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