Friday, January 11, 2013

Airfix 1/76 Churchill Mk VII (By Erhan)

Hello with an Airfix ..

It's a Churchill. Classic and famous antique model for Airfix. I had so much fun when I do. I hope you will love as well.
Now here is construction stages. Not completed yet. When I finished, will come to you.
A nice weekend,

Let's go parts..

I started with the turret. Barrel drilled with a drill..

Suspension and wheels .. A hard group..

the body combined...

All parts are readily available .. like Lego..

We are ready..

track is broken .. Such as Viagra had swallowed..

repair and painting..

Need a crew..I'm so sorry my friend, did it hurt.

Some update...18.01.2013

added decals..

oil wash and dry brush..

here is the completed modelhttp://miniafv.....airfix-176-churchill-mk-vii-completed.html

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