Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Matchbox AFV Nostalgia Campaign II (in Armorama) / by Matthew Lenton

Hello dear friends,
We have made a Matchbox campaign in "armorama" portal.  Completed 17 nostalgic model in this campaign. Matthew Lenton,  wrote an article with this campaign models. If you are interested, please click on the link


  1. Very nice panorama of WWII armor.

  2. Interesting concept and the pictures showed some very nicely made and finished models.

    I've always liked the look of Matchbox models, and they built up well, and all. My own Matchbox inventories included:
    British: 3xFirefly, 1xHumber II, 1x17pr Anti-Tank and tractor, 1xhalf-track with Quad AAMG, 3xM3 Stuart (Honey), 1xLRDG group.
    German: 3xJagdpanther; at least 3x Panther; 3xPzIIIL; 2x PaK40 with tractor;
    Soviet: 1x T34/76.

    My one complaint about Matchbox is that every now and then you would find a piece missing, or the wrong tracks included. I have a Honey minus its front glacis plate (a cardboard one had to be substituted), and a Firefly came with PzIV tracks -- these being the most annoying glitches.

    Aside from that, though, I found the resulting models easily assembled and attractive when finished.


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