Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Revell / Ace Corp. 1/72 Cromwell Mk.IV w/Hessian camo ..first page (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello dear friends,

Let's start a new project, When Hakan Karlı was gift this Black Dog box, I started this project.
Hessian camo tanks are interested me.

Found a Cromwell  from my stash and I started ..
I used a Ace Corp. brand Cromwell but this kit is a real Revell, ACE Corporation has been re-boxes.

Let's look at the parts before...

I used the Black Dog resin turret.., A test photo...

I started with wheels .. always ..

Here is the Revell marking..

A little trick for assembling the tracks ..I'm whittling the sprocket wheel.

And here is the Black Dog  Cromwell  Hesian tape camo set.. (cat.n.: T72049)

A Komondor. Does this look like .. ?

click please for the second page:http://miniafv....172-cromwell-mkiv.html


  1. Hi, Erhan.

    And what about your T-90 project?

  2. Wonderful...And very nice to see some British stuff. Would love to see you do a Centurion!

  3. Will follow avidly. I have the same kit and conversion set.


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