Wednesday, January 13, 2016

MPC 1/72 Space:1999 Eagle 1 (by Ahmet Aslanlı)

Hello dear friends
I remember from childhood. A great science fiction television series. Ahmet has revived those memories. Thanks Ahmed and welcome ..

The Eagle Transporter is a fictional spacecraft seen in the 1970s British television series Space: 1999. British science fiction television series that ran for two seasons and originally aired from 1975 to 1977.In the opening episode, set in the year 1999, nuclear waste stored on the Moon's far side explodes, knocking the Moon out of orbit and sending it, as well as the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, hurtling uncontrollably into space. The series was the last production by the partnership of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and was the most expensive series produced for British television up to that time.

The Eagles serve as the primary spacecraft of Moonbase Alpha, which has a fleet of them, and are often used to explore alien planets, defend Moonbase Alpha from attack, and to transport supplies and other items to and from the Moon.The Eagle was designed by Brian Johnson.This spacecraft influenced the spaceship designs of Star Wars and other science fiction films and television series.
Completely modular design, the craft are divided into three basic sections: the command module, the passenger module/service pod, and the superstructure (containing the landing gear, access corridor/galley, aft compartment, fuel tanks and main propulsion system). The command module also has an escape hatch.

Eagles are generally flown by two trained astronauts (Eagle pilots) from the Reconnaissance Section; although the craft can easily be handled by a single pilot, the right seat in the Eagle command module is routinely occupied by an astronaut co-pilot, although this varies according to mission profile. 

I build the MPC kit, it comes molded in white styrene with a big new decal sheet that will save the builder some of the painting chores needed. Also in the box is a mini print featuring Nick Tate who played Capt. Alan Carter in the series. Kit' s problem is the solid moulded cages, model had no elbows, front windows, interior, either for the command pod or the passenger pod, and quite a bit of the exterior detail was simplified. Still, it was not a bad kit for the time and built up into a reasonable replica of the this classical show's vehicle.

Happy modelling,
Ahmet Aslanlı...

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  1. Good job looks great. I used to love space 1999 and I have one of the kits in my stash.


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