Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mirage 1/72 M5A1 Stuart Mk.VI **Preview** (by HenkofHolland)

Preview Mirage Kit 726089  –  US Light Tank Stuart Mk.VI  M5A1
By Henk Timmerman / HenkofHolland
The M5A1 Light Tank  is an other variant of the M3 / M5 Light Tank versions.
Some of the sprue’s as suspension, lowerhull etc are identical as other M3 / M5 versions .
Most of the hatches on the hull and turret are opened.
The kit comes in the traditional size Mirage carton box.

Most important differences in the variants are moderations / changes in upperhull and or turrets.

The variants of the Mirage M3 / M5 US Light Tanks are allready more times reviewed, so I will refer for more information and or comments, to available previews / reviews.

You found information on:
Kit 72670 - M3 US Light Tank early – (Comparison between Mirage, Hasegawa & Matchbox M3 variants by Stephen Brezinski)

Kit 87216 - M3 "STUART MARK I" (HONEY) – (preview b Volker Helms on IPMSDeutschland website)

Kit 72674 - M3A1 Diesel "Kuybishev" – (preview by Volker Helms on IPMSDeutschland website) M3A1_Stuart/Mirage_M3A1_Stuart.html

Kit 72676 - M3A3 "Liberation of Paris" – (preview by Mike Drobrzelecki on Armorama website)

Kit 72677 - M5 US light tank – (preview by Kenneth Overby)

Mirage page on HenkofHolland website


With sincere thanks to Mirage for providing the review kit.
Henk Timmerman
Webmaster HenkofHolland

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