Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trumpeter 1/72 US M26E2 Pershing Heavy Tank (Comparison with T26E4) / by K.Kaan Akkoyun


Hello dear friends,

Today we are together with the Kaan's model. After the T26E4 Pershing, (http://miniafv....t26e4-pershing-heavy_12.html)  again coming M26E2 Pershing kit produced by Trumpeter. Kaan compared these two models..
Nice job my friend..

Shorter barrel was used on the M26E2. The tank turret is also shorter than the T26E4. Apart from these, I did not notice any difference in the turret.

At T26E4 the exhaust is at the rear of the tank. On the M26E2, one exhaust has been made on both sides of the body.   Different design on the grill above the engine compartment

Painted with olive drab..

completed model...

M26E2 & T26E4

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  1. I think the front piece on the gun of the T26E4 is too thin.....
    it needs to be "doubled" or even "tripled" to make it the correct "thickness"


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