Monday, July 10, 2017

Special Navy 1/72 Type XXIII U-Boot (U-Boat) (By Barış Acar)

Hello dear modeler,

Today Barış Acar is here with a submarine. Type XXIII.

The Type XXIII was a smaller U-Boot (U-Boat) variant initially launched in April 1944. The type only carried two torpedoes, and these had to be loaded externally, that is how cramped the interior of this type was!

While 61 boats were commissioned, only six were operational during 1945. Seven more were in various stages of work-up when they were lost to accidents, mines, or in one case, to an enemy aircraft.

Of the six operational examples, four were responsible for the sinking of five ships before the end of the war.
Barış is superb about submarines and war ship models. That's a good example.

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