Tuesday, February 4, 2020

1/72 Scratch build Model Syrian Artillery Hell Cannon (by Bayram Koçer)

Hello dear modeller,

Ace Model has released a kit for this weapon. When we talked to Bayram Koçer, we convinced him,
This weapon is made from scratch.. And Bayram made this weapon ... Based on references photos and ACE's plans ..

Bayram is a great talent ..Excellent result ...


Syrian Artillery Hell Cannon
When you don't have access to factory built artillery for your fight, then makeshift solutions need to be found. The Syrian Liberation Army along with other Islamic factions conceived and built simple, easy to construct artillery designed along the lines of a spigot style mortar. Using basic tubes or salvaged artillery barrels, and finned conversions of propane and other gas cylinders for ammunition, the guns were able to fire their improvised projectiles up to a mile. Though the guns were inexpensive, accuracy was not their strong point.

There is no standard pattern for the guns, and with them being built from whatever is available, no two guns are alike. Pictures on the web show how crude they are, with mismatched wheel/tire combinations, rough welding and differing shapes of metal used for the carriages. Elevation adjustments are crude, if present at all. A lack of any recoil mechanisms means they need to be held down with rocks, bricks or blocks to keep them from moving after every shot.
(from onthewaymodels - Al Magnus)

construction stages...

completed model..

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