Wednesday, October 10, 2012

introduction for Caesar Miniatures 1/72 Sd.Kfz.10 Demag with Pak 38 (by Erhan)

Hello dear friends,

I did a survey in August. "Which Halftrack ??"  do you rememberminiafv.../which-half-track-.html

Has a lot of ideas and thank you all. Ratings and list :
1. Cesar Miniatures : Sd.kfz.10 (8 votes)
2. Trumpeter Sd.kfz.9 Famo (4 votes)
3. Maco sWS (3 votes)

So  I started to build Cesar Miniatures Sd.Kfz.10  :)

Let's see the parts...High quality and nice molding..

and a high-quality 3 figures

I started to build...

Very small parts. However, manuel isn't enough.

paint interior with panzer grey (vallejo) mix white

I don't understand comments in manual...

Okey :)

and tracks. There are two options. Ready or difficult. 

I chose the hardest :)

Which one is better ??

I've assembled tracks.

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