Saturday, October 6, 2012

Now, I have 80 display case...

Hello my friends,

I wrote a few months ago, about the display case for my completed model.(http://miniafv....contents of these boxes.html)
Trumpeter's display cases are very expensive. Like the model-kit prices...Burak Özdil found lots of cheap die-cast car at a toy shop. 
Now, I have 80 display case. Of course, I have, 80 1/43 scale diecast car...Do you want ?


  1. A very good solution. Are there any Chevy Corvettes (any design)?

  2. Hi Andrew, Chevy :) No Chevy and other classic cars.
    Lots of WV Polo, Subaru Impreza and Legacy, Chrysler and only one Mitsubishi Lancer...

  3. Hi Andrew,

    another source of inexpensive and greedy too!!!!!!! transparent display boxes is FERRERO (, the ROCHER's 16 or 30 packages or MON CHERI's 30 package can contain 1 up to 6 tanks or a small vignette in a dust free environment and stakable.



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