Wednesday, March 5, 2014

PST 1/72 ZIS-5V truck (by Gürkan Özkan)

Hi dear modeller,

This is a Zis-5. A Russian copy of Autocar Ca from Pst. Id like to work it for making an original 1936 Autocar Ca.

The kit is fine. Hard plastic, easy to work on. The model is simple. And it's price is nice too. I worked the truck as carrying sand behind. I used Tamiya texture sand color.

I am trying to make a huge diorama, Advanced Landing Ground in France 1945. This model will be used in this diorama. I think 50 figures, 15 afv, 3 aircraft, 4-5 buildings and lots of trees will be added. Wish me luck )
Gürkan Özkan..

Thank you my friend, we are waiting your big diorama...


  1. Very nice. I will be making this model myself soon (for my Finnish army collection) so it was good to see what the finished model can look like.

  2. Very nice! The sand looks particularly good. Very best of luck with the mega-diorama!

  3. Hello.
    A great model, congratulations.
    :) How did it get that big ditch.


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