Monday, March 10, 2014

Revell 1/72 T-90 S (Indian Army) **second page** (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello dear friends,

In December 2013, I wrote a review about the Revell T-90. Do you remember ?
click please for review http://miniafv....revell-172-t-90-review-by-erhan-atalay.html
Now I want to share the construction stage..

I painted the wheels .. Wheels painted with airbrush and free hand, no masking - no brush..
Before paint with Tamiya Rubber

Then painted rims with Gunze Sand yellow..


Continue with the hull

A nice sprockets. Molds better than Modellcollect

Here is Modellcollect's sprocket whell pieces..

Let's continue with painting . Base color Gunze yellow sand

glued wheels

Tracks are coming. Track consists two long strip.

Need to bending the front and rear

a little pressure :)

click please for third page http://miniafv..../revell-172-t-90s-indian-army-third-page.html


  1. Benimkini Rus yapayım bari... Paletler uğraştırıyor sanırım..

    Kolay gelsin..

  2. Bak sen şu işe , Sancar modern araç yapacak :)

    Paletler el alışkanlığı gerektiriyor, elini korkak alıştırma, var gücünle bük gitsin :)


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