Friday, August 1, 2014

Modelcollect 1/72 T-72B with ERA **building" (by Erhan Atalay)

Hi dear friends,

I shared the review for Modelcollect T-72B w/Era .
review and first page http://miniafv..../modelcollect-172-t-72b-with-era-review.
Now here is the construction and painting stages..This model, with a T-90MS and T-62 was constructed. You will also see them , but then ..

Let's continue with the turret..

No details of the cover (right side) I changed the left hatch (from Modelcollect T-90 kit)

Added the ERA armor..

following parts has been a challenge to me,  thick molded .. I was forced to beat each other until it snaps into...

turret was completed..

wheels .. I used CA for bonding to metal body ..

ready for painting with three main parts..

After Vallejo gray primer ...

Paint with MİG Modern Russian Colors set.

wheels were also painted ..(with T-90 MS)

towing cable.. (not in the box)

After decal application and washing..

some weathering (pigments)

click please for the completed model..http://miniafv.....t-series-modelcollect-172-t-72b-with.html


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