Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Revell 1/72 Type XXVII B "Seehund" (by Burak Öztan)

Hello dear modeler,

This month's watercraft is a  little submarine. Thank you Burak Öztan..

Brief information about this submarine :
This is what is normally considered the most successful of the miniature German submarines. The type, designed in 1944, is known as XXVII B 5, also known as Type 127, and at least 138 (U-5001 - U-5118 and U-5251 - 5269) were commissioned into the Kriegsmarine. From 1944 it was planned to build over 1000 such mini subs.

These boats had a displacement of 17 tons submerged, a crew of 2 and carried two underslung torpedoes of type G7e. The Seehund had the range of 300 km at 7 knots and could attack on the surface in weather up to 4 on the Beufort scale but had to be almost stationary for submerged attacks. About 50 Seehund boats had an additional fuel storage that gave them a range of 300 miles at 7 knots surfaced and 63 miles at 3 knots submerged. These saw limited action at Dungenees.

and Revellbox art..

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