Monday, May 5, 2014

Dragon 1/72 VK.45.02 (P)H **painting** (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello dear visitor,

Last month I shared review and construction page about this kit. Do you remember ?
click please http://miniafv.../dragon-172-vk4502-ph-review-erhan-atalay.html
Now, you can read painting and other stages..
miniafv, Erhan...

firstly, I tried to this camouflage but I didn't like the colors.

There are some problems with the molding. My friend Jan Etal opened a thread on this subject in "armorama" Braille Scale forum..   
For example,  tools and towing cable (on the side). Very bad moulding and I can't paint...

And than, I cut gears and only way input for track...

I changed the color .. Now, Classic German yellow ..

Details were painted ..

And the other mistake.. The spare tracks on the turret .. Made ​​for King tiger ..I nevertheless used them..Therefore My friends criticized me in "facebook" groups :)

The decal application and gloss varnish..

After washing..

After weathering..

 I decided made a base with some figures. I used two figures of Orion German WW2 Panzer Soldiers Set.. They have exquisite molds (

With a 1/35 scale tanker

after black primer

Painting time

And completed .. I think 1/72 scale figures better than 1/35 fıgure

click please for completed model :http://miniafv...172-vk4502-ph-completed-by-erhan.html
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