Monday, May 26, 2014

How to make "chipping effect" (by Özgür Aydın)

Hello dear visitors,

Today, Özgür Aydın wrote an useful article to us about chipping techniques. All of them simple and effective methods. I highly recommend you to browse. Thank you Özgür,
(Translated by Gürkan Özkan, thank you for your help my friend..)
Erhan , miniafv...

Hairspray technique;

We need a hair spray. First we paint the first coat, primer on the model. I painted black. Then I used hair spray on all around the painted drum. It looks wet. We wait for 10-15 minutes to dry.

I painted the drum by xf-4 yellow green. It must be a light coat, otherwise it would not be easy to make the effect, the primer could be peel off and we can see the drums naked plastic.

After 10 minuted passed, I wash the drum by tap water. Then I touch some parts by my brush. After some practise youll see that its so easy.

I strach by a toothpick and twezeers

Sponge technique;

Im going on with the same drum.

I will use these vallejo colors. I use water as thinner for these vallejos.

I touch the paint with my sponge. I take more of the paint by the help of napkin. You can see the sample photos.

After that we touch some parts of the drum with this sponge.

Pencil technique;

Its the most simple technique. The only material we need is a pencil. Im using a 2b model pencil worth 2 Turkish liras.(1 USD) Working with it for 2 years.

Just touch the corners and make miracles

By making practise and some patience , everbody can do the techniques . Just dont cold feet and go on.
Cheers, Özgür Aydın...


  1. Good post. I tend to use the hairspray technique, I think it looks the most realistic. I tend to use the pencil as a finisher, but I struggle with the sponge technique. I just cannot seem to get it looking right for me. But practice, practice, practice!

  2. Thank you: a very useful and informative tutorial!

    Just an aside, I am curious about the Turkish currency. When I visited Turkey in 1988, the Turkish lira was roughly on a par with the Italian: about L1000 to the US $. It sounds as though sometime since then the Turkish Government has done what the Brazilian used to do: change the decimal point (since we're talking 'fiat' money, here, it's sort of a legitimate practice).

  3. I forgot to mention: it seems that a graphite pencil might work...

  4. Very nice and useful even for braille scale !
    Best regards from france

    Patrice DAUGA (dauga40 on ACG)

  5. I am a modeler moving to Antalya in a few months. Are that any groups that meet Antalya? What about RC airplanes (I build from kit), is there a place I can fly them?


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