Sunday, May 11, 2014

Zvezda 1/72 RT-2PM"TOPOL", SS-25 "SICKLE" second page (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello dear friends,

In March 2014, I shared TOPOL review page.(http://miniafv....topol-ss-25-sickle.html)
There are more than 160 boxes in my collection wait for build, but TOPOL is first :) Topol story is beginning...

31 March 2014
I started today. You can select two versions. There are alternative parts according to your selection. When starting, you must decide which version do. Then do not return. I chose the version 1.

First, chassis and chassis details .. Most of the parts on the chassis and will never appear. Still need to make installation maybe someone will rotate and look under :)

End of the day. A quality mold, clean parts, a wonderful fit...

13 April 2014
Complicated scheme, should be done carefully .. Parts are very similar, but not all the same ..

I think I've completed without error.

14 April 2014

Complete the tedious details, now more enjoyable ..A comparison with the length and size. Bad moment for Opel Blitz :)

15 April 2014 

A short reminder, 
Currently we do 7 axle heavy truck MAZ 7917..this truck : 

MAZ, a Russian brand. Trucks, trailers, buses, etc.. 
click please for For detailed information

And some examples,
MAZ-543, 4 axle 

MAZ-79221, 8 axle

MAZ-707 , 12 axle 



  1. looks like a lot of of work. All those parts... The fit looks good though. looking forward to the next instalment.Cheers Andy

  2. Good Luck with Topol! Looks very detailed for 1/72 - keep up the good work :)


  3. İstediğin kadar uğraş..Mal çirkin bi kere..Adam olmaz.. :P

  4. Sancar has right..İt is ugly !! Even when you're doing..:)


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