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Revell 1/72 Pz Kpfw III Ausf.M (Burak Çınar)


This is an exellent kit from Revell which I had built it for a few years ago. It has about 190 pieces. I liked it very much that it has not any serious problems while making. I had used a strange technique while painting, which I call it “mopping up”. This technique is based on a 90˚ pointshot on the surface. It was my first experience for using it, so it comes a little thicker than I expected. Later I have upgraded this method to get a thinner paint on a KV-2. It’s paint is thinner than Pz-III’s, at a degree which really satisfied me. The add on to the mopping up method is just doing the same by the same brush as dry, by halfing the pressure to the same point. This vacumized the excess paint, so it becomes thinner. I have not experienced abrasion of the undercoat in this stage.

I painted entire Pz-IIIM first either gray or a sandy colour, using an acrilic based Duplicolor spray, than I mopped up it with a watercolor brush. Before using, I have cut the hair by ¾, I pushed the brush to a stiff surface by 90˚ to rotate 360˚, like drawing a circle. This brought the hair of the brush to a shape which I could carry out mopping the paint up to tank’s surface.

My little Pz-III became third in FNSS AFV 2010 contest in the 1/72 category.

Burak Çınar

Welcome Burak Çınar and thank you :)  

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Holiday time for me...

Hi dear friends. Holiday time for me. I can't update this blok two week.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Airfix 1/76 Bofors 40mm GUN & MORRIS TRACTOR (Erhan Atalay)

My favorite kit in Airfix . It's old model but  I took new  pictures again.

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