Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hasegawa 1/72 Sherman M-4A3E8 **completed** (by Mümtaz Yıldız)

Hello dear friends,

I've shared the construction stage before :http://miniafv...sherman-m-4a3e8-first-page.html

Today, here is the completed model,

Thank you dear Mümtaz...


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Zvezda 1/72 ISU-122 Soviet Tank Destroyer (by Alperen Açıkol)

Hello dear friends,

I admire Russian armored vehicles. This is an example of the WW2 era ISU-152 tank.

Alperen has finished nicely .. Maybe need matte varnish for final.
Well done, Alperen.

Erhan ..




Thursday, May 23, 2019

Hasegawa 1/72 Leopard 2A4 Turkish Army (Afrin 2018) by Kerem Özkır

Hello dear modeler,

Syria / Afrin operation in 2018. Operation Olive Branch..

Turkish Armed Forces used Leopard 2A4 in this operation.
In Afrin Operation they were painted with yellow desert camouflage.

Kerem prepared an Afrin souvenir with a helmet.

We're modeler and history is modeled with us ...
Good job Kerem, congratulations my friend...



completed model..

and here is the vignettes base

completed model..

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