Tuesday, November 29, 2016

PST KV-1 Heavy Tank (by Ahmet Gürkan)

Hello everyone,

Ahmet's fourth model from Russian quartet (JS-2, KV-1, T-54 and T-90) .
Quartet was completed today and  completed basic training period. He did a lot more miniafv and you'll see them all ..

Thank you Ahmet,

completed model...

Friday, November 25, 2016

Academy 1/72 U.S. Tank Transporter Dragon Vagon (by Birol Ertem)

Hello dear modeler,

Birol Ertem with us today. Here is a Dragon Wagon..

I couldn't completed this model. But I bought a new box. I'll do it. Birol finished very nice, I was jealous ..

Thanks buddy for sharing..

this photo was taken 9th Plasticbattle Armor Modeling Show 2016 (9th plasticbattle armor-model-show-2016.html)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

1/72 German U-BOAT BUNKER WWII DIORAMA "completed" (by Ertuğ Örentel)

Hello dear modeler,

We published the construction stages a while ago.. click please for remember "http://miniafv.blogspot.com.tr/2016/11/172-german-u-boat-bunker-wwii-diorama.htm"

Ertuğ was a great effort for this diorama and excellent results .. A scene like real.
I liked it very much, I hope you like too ..
Have fun..

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