Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mirage 1/72 M3A1 Medium Tank / in box review.. (by HenkofHolland)

Preview Mirage Kit 72803 - M3A1 Medium Tank with cast hull
By Henk Timmerman / HenkofHolland

The M3A1 Medium Tank with cast hull is an other variant of the M3 Medium tank.
The casted upper hull is different from the versions with welded upper hull. The upperhull is well formed.

The lower hull and suspension are for all released variants identical.  The “Grant” and the “Lee”  turrets are different.

The Mirage M3 medium tank is allready more times reviewed, so I will refer for more information and or comments, to this previews / reviews.

You found information on:
Kit 72801 - M3 General Lee

Kit 72802 - Medium Tank LEE MK-I – ( by Stephen Brezinski)

Kit 72804 - GRANT Mk.I , EL ALAMEIN

Kit 72805 - COMMAND TANK GRANT Mk.I - Compare between Hasegawa / Mirage M3

Kit 72806 - M3 "Kursk 1943" - Compare between Hasegawa / Mirage M3

For other (later) variants of the M3 Medium tank visit:


With sincere thanks to Mirage for providing the review kit.

Henk Timmerman
Webmaster HenkofHolland

thank you for sharing Henk...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Dragon 1/72 Soviet SU-100 Tank Destroyer (by Burak Çınar)

Hello dear modeler,

Su-100 is a Soviet self-propelled anti-tank gun, based on the T-34 chasis, replaced the inferior Su-85. Its gun, 100mm D-10S was very powerful which was able to penetrate Panther’s front armor from 1500 meters. Massive using in Hungary, in 1945, it was a very late weapon in the Second World War; however, over 2000 were produced by the end of the war. Su-100 had postwar experiences as used in the wars in the Middle East and Africa.

Dragon’s Su-100 is a clear kit with PE parts, and an SP model which was rare in the Braille scale. I have no serious problem while assembling but losing very small and curved twin parts which was not perceptible when finished. Snow camouflage, which I preferred, is appropriate to Soviet assault guns. White scheme was painted over dark green, so I have sprayed primer dark green, then I mopped up with white. After placed the decals; I have used oil paints as washing and mopping up with drybrush using white, yellow, green, gray and black.

Happy numerous braille models!

Burak Çınar...

thank you for sharing Burak..

Friday, September 23, 2016

Trumpeter 1/72 Sherman M4A3E8 (T66 Track) (by Birol Ertem)

Hello there,

Birol Ertem produces about "miniafv" in recent years. It makes me very happy.
He made a lot of models and we start with a Sherman ..
Good job my friend..

this photo was taken 9th Plasticbattle Armor Modeling Show 2016 (9th plasticbattle armor-model-show-2016.html)

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