Monday, May 10, 2021

Revell 1/72 Sd.Kfz.7 halftrack (by Levent İnceayan)


Hello there,

Levent sometimes makes a 1/72 scale model. This is one of them. 

This Revell's kit completed with a nice base ...

Thank you Levent,


An interesting display case..

Friday, May 7, 2021

Revell 1/72 M109 G & M109 US howitzer ** in box review ** (by Erhan Atalay)


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Revell has released two versions of the M109 howitzer model. American army and German army version. 
M109G (kit no:3305) released 2017
M109US (kit no:3265) released 2018
The main parts are the same, but there are different parts in the details.

I shared details about both models in the photos..


Short information from Wikipedia,
The M109 is an American 155 mm turreted self-propelled howitzer, first introduced in the early 1960s to replace the M44. It has been upgraded a number of times, most recently to the M109A7. The M109 family is the most common Western indirect-fire support weapon of maneuver brigades of armored and mechanized infantry divisions.

The M109 has a crew of four: the section chief/commander, the driver, the gunner, and the ammunition handler/loader. The chief or gunner aims the cannon left or right (deflection) and up and down (quadrant).

The British Army replaced its M109s with the AS-90. Several European armed forces have or are currently replacing older M109s with the German PzH 2000. Upgrades to the M109 were introduced by the U.S. (see variants below) and by Switzerland (KAWEST). With the cancellation of the U.S. Crusader and Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon, the M109A6 ("Paladin") will remain the principal self-propelled howitzer for the U.S. for the foreseeable future until the new M1299 will enter service...

same parts in both kits ...

different parts on the turret..

same parts in both kits ...

same parts in both kits ...

M109 US track..

M109 G track

comparison of tracks..

same parts in both kits ...

same parts in both kits ...

same parts in both kits ...

M109 G parts

M109 G parts

M109 G parts

M109 US parts

comparison of barrels

M109 US parts

different decals..

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Trumpeter 1/72 US M26A1 Pershing Heavy Tank (by İbrahim Öner & Kerem Özkır)

Hello dear friends,
Here is a team work..
The model was built by İbrahim Öner, then painted and completed by Kerem Özkır. It's a nice model, congratulations ..Thanks guys...


completed model...

Saturday, May 1, 2021

1/72 Mercedes-Benz 3850 Tank Carrier & Revell M-60A3 **first page** (by Burak Özdil)

Hello dear friends,

Here is the Burak Özdil's very special work ..He build Mercedes-Benz 3850 Tank Carrier + M-60A3 .

Mercedes Benz 3850 tank tractors are in the inventory of the Turkish Army. There is no 1/72 scale kit for this tractor. Burak found a kit for the Mercedes 2238S model (released by Keil Kraft company) and long transformation process ...

I’m sharing the construction stages today,


Burak's notes ;

Model: Mercedes-Benz 3850 Tank Carrier + M-60A3

Subject: Turkish Armed Forces shipment to Syria

Used kits: Mercedes tractor (1/72 - Keil Kraft), M-60A3 (1/72 - Revell), Trailer and many other details Japanese Type-73 Tank Carrier (1/72 - Aoshima)

I also made many parts using Evergreen, wire and PE parts.

Keil Kraft kit (Mercedes 2238S Truck).. poor detail.

tires and rims for a civilian vehicles..

Used Revell Man truck tires...

The chassis of the kit is poorly detailed .. That's why the Aoshima Type 73 tractor chassis was used.

modification of many parts..

the main part used in the kit..a little worked

Black part from Keil Kraft, replaced Aoshima Type 73 part

scratch building fenders (ex pe parts)


Trailer from Japanese Type-73 Tank Carrier (1/72 - Aoshima)

decals are custom made from babibi model ..

M60-A3 is a Revell kit No: 3175 .. It was made in 2011. 

to be continued 
Burak & Erhan..

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