Monday, June 29, 2015

"A German camp" WWII 1/72 scale diorama (by Mehmet Küçük)

Hello dear friends,

Came the expected day... We have published models at different times. How is all in one ??
Here is an exquisite work, a great diorama. Dear Mehmet, this diorama was very nice, Why not a new one , we are waiting...

Friday, June 26, 2015

"Miniafv" is 4 yearsold...


Today some fun ..

Small scale AFV modeling is increasing in Turkey . More modellers are working on small scale models. I believe "miniafv" blog has a fine effect on it. People in Turkey don't say 1/72 scale any more, they use the word  "miniafv" for the braille scale AFV modelling. I'm happy for that.

Thank you the "contributors"

"miniafv" is 4 years old. It will go on for more years. Today lets celebrate the 4 year and have some fun.

Right to left , Hakan Karlı and me (Erhan)... A nice dual..

A few years ago I sent a "miniafv" photo to President Obama. A M4A3 Sherman. He loved it and I heard that he put it to the best place in Oval Office. Then give an order to Hollywood to work on a movie about Sherman. You remember Fury ?

Putin had a similar request. He wanted a "miniafv" photo also, for his room in Kremlin. And now having meeting under a T-90 photo.

All the world loved "miniafv".
For example Fans made tshirts. Angelina Jolie, Messi, Madonna and others...

and a follower .. Hello Bruce ;)

Stamps issued for "miniafv"

exhibitions for "miniafv" models..

gave concerts with "miniafv" funs

wrote books about "miniafv"

They wrote on the walls

wrote on the trees

made puzzles with the "miniafv" models

Billboards, giant billboards

Thank you for your interest..
Erhan and "miniafv" team...

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