Thursday, October 29, 2015

1/72 scale Moon-Star Jet.. from Metin Türkoğlu

Hello dear friends,

Today October 29 ..Republic Day of Turkey .. Since 1923 .. We thank our ancestors and M. Kemal Atatürk of course ...

Today there is a special model. Like the Turkish flag .. Interesting, creative and meaningful pattern. F-18 body used under construction . But mostly handmade. Great job... Welcome to "miniafv" dear Metin Türkoğlu.

I celebrate our Republic Day ..

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

PST 1/72 ZIS 5 Truck Series (by Gürkan Özkan)

Hello everyone, 

The russian ZIS 5 truck is a copy of American Aurocar 1930. Russians used these trucks all over the places around the world that they have been, in WW2. The trucks were good enough for them.

The PST  Models are cheap. Enough detailed. The Belarus brand is not good enough in plastic and sprues. The parts are attached with thick parts to the sprue. Need to cut carefully. And there are some problems with the construction. Some parts are not easily fit. Not for beginners. Not easy to work on.
If you have time and you like to work hard it is a good model.

I painted the models by brush using vallejo acrliyc, oils and pigments.

I worked one of the truck as a one carrying woods, one other for horses and another carrying sand on it.

I hope you enjoy...

Gürkan Özkan...

Thank you for sharing Gürkan...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Revell 1/72 FENNEK (by Tolga Ülgen)

Hello dear friends
Tolga Ülgen  a master modeler but not produce a few years. He promised me, will be with us the new models. Today here  is a very nice Fennek from Tolga.


this photos from 08 Plastic Battle Armor Modeling Show (2015-Ankara) :

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Revell 1/72 Type XXVII B "Seehund" (by Burak Öztan)

Hello dear modeler,

This month's watercraft is a  little submarine. Thank you Burak Öztan..

Brief information about this submarine :
This is what is normally considered the most successful of the miniature German submarines. The type, designed in 1944, is known as XXVII B 5, also known as Type 127, and at least 138 (U-5001 - U-5118 and U-5251 - 5269) were commissioned into the Kriegsmarine. From 1944 it was planned to build over 1000 such mini subs.

These boats had a displacement of 17 tons submerged, a crew of 2 and carried two underslung torpedoes of type G7e. The Seehund had the range of 300 km at 7 knots and could attack on the surface in weather up to 4 on the Beufort scale but had to be almost stationary for submerged attacks. About 50 Seehund boats had an additional fuel storage that gave them a range of 300 miles at 7 knots surfaced and 63 miles at 3 knots submerged. These saw limited action at Dungenees.

and Revellbox art..

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