Friday, August 26, 2016

How to make tarpaulin, tent, canvas, blanket etc.. with "Parafilm".. (by Hakan & Erhan)

Hello dear friends,

My bro Hakan devepoled a new way to make tarpaulin/canvas for our model. We love this and we use parafilm now.
Erhan ...

What is parafilm?

A versatile, moisture-resistant, thermoplastic flexible plastic for a wide variety of clinical and industrial applications, Parafilm M® film has been used with confidence for years in scientific research and laboratory settings.

It is a proven fast, economical covering or stopper for test tubes, beakers, vials, petri dishes, flasks and various instruments and objects with irregular surfaces.

It is an ideal shelf or tray liner to prevent slipping of bottles or instruments. It is odorless and semi-transparent.

In laboratories, Parafilm M® sheet is a thermoplastic, self-sealing film that holds moisture loss to a minimum and offers excellent barrier protection to the contents of tubes, flasks, culture tubes, etc…

How to use for make tarpaulin, canvas etc..??

Parafilm is elastic material. We are thinning with pulling way

Than painting stage. We can paint various colour with airbrush

Here is the different colour tarpaulin. . Thanks Hakan for this  examples ...

This is an example of from me,   I made for the AS-90.

This winter camouflage, I did for the Type-90

The soldiers' coats (from Hakan Karlı)

Hakan had done the same camouflage ..

My Merkava I

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