Monday, March 31, 2014

Esci 1/72 KV-1 Type C "build for winter campaign" (by Barış Bayar)

Hello dear friends,

An other model for "winter campaign" from Barış Bayar. He made ​​an interesting camouflage. Crazy craftsmanship, extreme patience. Congratulations, my friend.
First page about paint and made camuflage.

firstly, KV-1 was painted with white color

and masking ..   Patience and attention ..

painted with green..

And the result..

Here is reference drawing..

How to realistic track sag.. Barış used this technique: (from On the way, write by Sam Law)
* 0.3mm brass-wire is very important in the 1:72 military world.
* Drill some 0.3 or 0.35mm holes at the hull right above the return track.
* Insert the 0.3mm brass wire into the holes and press against the return track so that the track cannot    spring out anymore.
* Each size of the track usually required 3-4 wires. As the wire is very thin, it is almost not visible.
* Use the instant glue to fix the wires at the hull inner surface.
* Adhering the track ends cannot just use the instant glue. We should first apply the epoxy (called yellow glue or synthetic rubber glue), after several minutes apply the instant glue to harden the yellow glue. Then the bonding becomes excellent.

to be continued with a nice vignette is the link http://miniafv....kv-1-type-c-completed

Friday, March 28, 2014

Zvezda 1/72 RT-2PM"TOPOL", SS-25 "SICKLE" review (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello everyone,

Zvezda was a beautiful surprise for us. Great interest in this kit and Hakan Karlı and I bought one each. We want to finish two models with a mini campaign. I prepared an in box review and I want to share with you.


The RT-2PM Topol, (NATO reporting name: SS-25 Sickle) , is a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile designed in the Soviet Union and in service with Russia's Strategic Rocket Forces. The SS-25 is an intercontinental-range, road mobile, solid propellant ballistic missile system. 
The Topol was the first fully road mobile ICBM commissioned by the Soviet Union. The development of the SS-25 was actually forbidden by the second Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty (SALT II), which prohibited the development of more than one new missile system.
 The SS-25 was officially developed as an updated SS-13 Mod 2, though it is actually a completely different missile design. The SS-25 entered development in 1971, with the first flight test occurring in 1982. The missile entered service in 1999, with 288 missiles deployed at nine sites by 1991. Production is believed to have ceased in 1994, with a total of 450 SS-25 missiles built. It was believed that in July 2002, there were 355 missiles with operational status. In July 2001 an RV flew several hundred km at 33 km (21 miles) altitude, suggesting that the RV was a hypersonic missile test or it had wings and a fitted motor....
(Quote:  , 
click please for detail :

Involved a thicker box inside the main box. 

You can select two versions. There are alternative parts according to your selection

I've counted 317 part. Quality mold and clean parts

Sprue A.. 26 parts

Sprue B.. 47 parts

Sprue C (x2)... 73 x 2 = 146 parts

Sprue F... 77 parts

D parts..14 pieces vinyl wheel. Looks like quality and realistic patterns.

E parts,. 7 clear pieces

And the decal, I think it's too poor

click please for TOPOL second pagehttp://miniafv.....rt-2pmtopol-ss-25-sickle.html
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