Saturday, August 30, 2014

Esci 1/72 T62 M MBT **review** (By Erhan Atalay)

Hi there,

Here is an old but antique kit. Only one plastic T-62 kit on this scale.  (Modelcollect will release soon)
I wanted to do for my Russians "T series".

PS : This kit was released  by Italeri

First, let's examine the pieces.
There are many parts that need to be corrected. Because it is a very old mold.

left to right , PST T-55, Esc T-62, T-72 Modelcollect hull. After the T-55, an extended fuselage.

click please for the second page :http://miniafv..t62-m-mbt-second-page-by-erhan.html

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

PST 1/72 KV-122 Heavy Tank (by Murad Özer)

Here we have a prototype vehicle in reality therefore i tried to keep the weathering to a minimum. Still, the overall green (gunze h302) looked too bland so i did a field painted Soviet invasion stripe around the turret to break the look a bit - yes it's bogus i know! Also instead of the 4 fuel drums i varied the stowage with the stuff available in the kit, except the tow cables which were hand made from several copper wires, the kit is finished OOB.

Enjoy folks, thank you MiniAFV!


Good job Murad, thank you for sharing, 

Friday, August 22, 2014

1/72 diorama, "Constantinople 1453" "Istanbul 1453" (by Artar İncidüzen)

Hi there,

a historical diorama page again ..

Artar is a historical figure / diorama modellers and I wanted to share this work for a long time.

A great effort and a long-running operation. Great result, congratulations !!
And welcome to "miniafv" Artar..

Artar's personal blog name is "medievaldio72" click please for other diorama


Constantinople 1453

Building this diorama was my chilhood dream. It is reason for me to start model making. Every model and diorama I did in the past was a preparation for this.

When I felt I was experienced enough I started to read books about siege. I read about ten books of history, architecture, novel, biography etc and I watched documentaries, visited museums. I have
advantage to live in İstanbul. So I could see, touch and examine the walls. 

I prepared plans by autocad (Yes, I learnt to use it for this diorama too) and started to build. It took 3 years as I have a fulltime job. 

Building a diorama such this is a great satisfaction for me. I hope you will have same pleasure when you see it.
Artar Inciduzen..

Technical details:
-1/72 scale
-196cm x 76cm,
-90m of Constantinople land walls
-325 figures (original and converted) mostly 1/72 some 22 and 25mm
-producers : miniart, zvezda, italeri, redoupt, hinds, orion, strelets,accurate,hat,old glory,irregular etc.
-except heavy bombard and gabions, everything is scratch built.

Artar's blog

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