Thursday, October 27, 2022

RPM Model 1/72 Ford Tfc Armored vehicle (by Kerem Özkır)


Hello dear modeler,

Ford Tfc armored vehicle was used during WW1.

This kit, released by RPM Model company, is a cutemodel with few parts. Kerem has completed this kit very well, the camouflage is impressive.

Congratulations my friend…


Monday, October 24, 2022

Plastic Soldier Co. 1/72 Raupenschlepper Ost (Rso) & Nebelwerfer 42 (by Cem Esen)



Plastic Soldier's kits are generally wargame style, fewparts without details.

Cem turned one of them into a realistic model. He opened the windows, put on transparent pieces, made many scratch-build additions. It was a nice work with RSO (Raupenschlepper Ost) and Nebelwerfer 42 added after it.

Well done Cem, we are waiting such good works from you :)


Nebelwerfer 42 from S-Model..


Friday, October 21, 2022

Zvezda 1/72 TBMP T-15 Armata ** unpainted** by Erhan Atalay



I shared the in-box review page of the Zvezda T-15 Armata kit last month. Click to remember:https://miniafv..zvezda-172-tbmp-t-15-armata-in-box.html?m=1

Today I am posting the assembly stages.

The model has a perfect fit. No puty, very little sanding.

An unpainted model for now. That is fine too. When I paint, I also share the finished model.


Wheels are important..My technique..

Tracks are hard plastic but flexible :)

completed (unpainted) 

Monday, October 17, 2022

Revell 1/72 M109 US Army (by Özgür Aydın)


Hello everyone,

On the page is an M109 model complete with the perspective of Özgür Aydın. 

An impressive model with advanced techniques. It looks very good with a base too.


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