Sunday, January 31, 2016

Esci 1/72 Flammpanzer III "passing through" (by Gürkan Özkan)

Hello everyone,

A classic Esci 1/72 scale model. Nice details, fine molds, lovely tracks. Just a bit hard to work on the tracks.
I tried a vignette about a panzer passing through a river. I used 100 coat varnisch. I tried to do the effect of shell hitting the water. (click please for technic : to make easy water effect)
Not a great job but I really enjoyed working on it.
Gürkan Özkan..

thank you for sharing Gürkan...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Maus (Pegasus Hobbies 1/72 Panzerkampfwagen VIII "Maus") & "War Thunder" / Erhan Atalay

Hello dear friends

Today I want to share a very good news for me .. I am very glad when I saw ...

Do you remember my "Maus" ? I shared with you in 2013 May.

And 2015 May. I received a message from airfixtributeforum

Yesterday I stopped on your Maus model and was that fascinated by it, that I draw this Maus for the game Warthunder.
I just wanted to share the pics with you. Mabe you like them.

Thank you Joker...

Do you know "WAR THUNDER" ??
War Thunder is a cross-platform MMO combat game for PC, PS4, Mac and Linux, dedicated to World War II military aviation, armoured vehicles, and fleets. You will take part in many of the major combat battles fought during World War 2 and the Korean War, fighting with real players from all around the world.
War Thunder offers a highly detailed and personalized military aviation and land battle experience, giving players access to hundreds of models of aircraft with detailed cockpits, ground vehicles with awesome firepower, flying and driving skills that can be honed and improved with each mission. Thanks to the game’s painstaking attention to detail, you’ll truly feel like a World War II warrior in the air and on land as you plunge into battle........
click please details... 

And a nice function in the game. Players can create camouflage (SKIN) for tanks/planes. This camouflage was loaded on the game and  all players can use uploading for their tanks. Joker BvB09 creat a SKIN for MAUS with my "what if" camouflage. I likef it :) Here is the link :
And other skins for MAUS :

Some scenes in the game

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trumpeter 1/72 Jagdpanzer IV (by Mümtaz Yıldız)

Hello everyone,

Mümtaz Yıldız made the first model in this scale with my insists. He said a little be forced. Certainly not as easy as 1/35 scale ;) .
I think a super job for the first 1/72 scale model. Congratulations dear Mümtaz.
We expect more...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Revell / Ace Corp. 1/72 Cromwell Mk.IV w/Hessian camo ..first page (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello dear friends,

Let's start a new project, When Hakan Karlı was gift this Black Dog box, I started this project.
Hessian camo tanks are interested me.

Found a Cromwell  from my stash and I started ..
I used a Ace Corp. brand Cromwell but this kit is a real Revell, ACE Corporation has been re-boxes.

Let's look at the parts before...

I used the Black Dog resin turret.., A test photo...

I started with wheels .. always ..

Here is the Revell marking..

A little trick for assembling the tracks ..I'm whittling the sprocket wheel.

And here is the Black Dog  Cromwell  Hesian tape camo set.. (cat.n.: T72049)

A Komondor. Does this look like .. ?

click please for the second page:http://miniafv....172-cromwell-mkiv.html
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