Monday, August 30, 2021

UM 1/72 BT-7 light tank (mod.1935) "Халхин-Гол, 1939" by Viktor Gorelov

Hello there,

My friend Viktor Gorelov is our guest today with a model from the history of his country .

Viktor presents this model with the title "БТ-7, Хalchin-Гol, 1939/ BT-7, Khalkhin-Gol, 1939".

Very nice model, thank you my friend..


completed model...

Friday, August 27, 2021

Hasegawa 1/72 GMC CCKW-353 Dump Truck (by Ali Deveciler)


Hello everyone

An old GMC truck kit from Hasegawa. A simple kit can become a very high quality model only when it is masterfully completed. Like this.

Ali is one of the newest members of the "miniafv group". But his progress is very encouraging.
Really this truck is such a sweet model, congratulations Ali..


I shared Mümtaz Yıldız's model for kit review :http://miniafv....hasegawa-172-gmc-cckw-353-dump-truck.html

completed model..

Monday, August 23, 2021

Revell 1/72 M109A6 Paladin **inbox review** (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello dear friends,

The first M109A6 kit as a 1/72 plastic kit was released by Riich Model in 2017. (http://miniafv....riich-model-172-m109a6-paladin-inbox.html
Then Revell released the M109G kits in 2017 and the M109 Us kits in 2018. (https://miniafv....revell-172-m109-g-m109-us-howitzer-in.html)

And Revell  released the M109A6 kit in 2020. This last kit is prepared as a new molding . In September 2017 I shared an in-box review of the Riich Model M109A6 kit. Today it's time for the Revell kit.. I've also included a comparison of some parts, Revell vs Riich...


Revell vs Riich Model

Nice detail, see muzzle..

a few details..

finished model photo taken from Official Revell site..

Friday, August 20, 2021

Revell 1/72 M60 A3 (by Özgür Aydın)


Hello dear friends,

Özgür Aydın is one of the oldest regulars of the miniafv blog. His nice works from time to time have been included in the blog. Today I am sharing an M60A3 made by him. Maybe he will add a vignette with this nice model in the future.

Thanks dude


completed model...

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