Monday, June 26, 2023

Airfix 1/76 A.E.C. Matador from Refuelling set (by Kerem Özkır)


Hello dear modeller,

Two vehicles come out of this classic box (R.A.F. Refuelling Set) of Airfix. Kerem exhibited these vehicles in two vignettes. There is a Spitfire in these vignettes. Two vignettes -  one Spitfire…

Kerem cut it in half and used it, the tail part ad A.E.C. Matador are in this vignette. The front of the Siptfire is in the next vignette...

The scene is nice, the workmanship is nice , well done Kerem..


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Sabre Model (Takom) 1/72 D9R Armored Bulldozer w/Slat Armor (by Metin Sömez)


Dear Metin Sönmez models very few 1/72 scales. Today Metin is our guest with a nice 1/72 scale example.

The model is the D9R Dozer released by Takom, reboxed by Sabre Model.

A successful model, well done Metin.


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Ace Model 1/72 Ukrainian MT-LB w/ZU-23-2 by Onur Uz

Hello dear modeller, 

One of Ace's short-run die-hard kits. It waited in my stash for a long time, then I gave it to Onur Uz, one of the miniafv team's apprentices. Let's make fun if he can't :)

Dear Onur embarrassed us, he created a nice work after hard work, 3d modeling etc. His design for track and ZU-23-2 machine gun, especially for 3D modeling, is impressive. I really congratulate Onur.

Among the photographs, Onur has comments on he construction stages. Enjoy…


There is a test on the bench this time :) I will try to make the mt-lb belonging to Ace , which is an antique value and rarest kit gifted by my master @miniafv (Erhan Atalay) The kit production technique seems to be Erhan Atalay & “miniafv” team a hassle during assembly due to its old age. As for the vehicle, it has a wide variety of combinations, as it is produced to serve the classical Russian doctrine, at an affordable price and more in number than its peers. We will see in the coming days according to which equipment and country we will do.

-The old man's pallets were okay, his original pallets were not meant to be combined, at this point 3d printing technology came to my rescue. The 3D design incident took me back a bit in terms of model making, but it is clear that it adds color to this hobby. Next, I have the ZU-23-2 on it...

- As I draw and print, I find and correct missing and mistakes, it's a little slow, but it will be nice when it's finished...Here is the my ZU-23-2

completed model... 

Thursday, June 8, 2023

The 8th Scale Worlds competition / Istanbul & miniafv scale models...


The 8th Scale Worlds Model Show was organized on 6-7 May 2023 in Istanbul. 

The Model Show was organized by the Modeling Club. Thank you to the club members and everyone who contributed.

Members of the Miniafv team who participated in this competition (from left to right) were Bayram Koçer, İbrahim Öner, Burak Özdil and Onur Uz. 
Thank you for representing us.


Due to the Miniafv format, we only include 1/72 scale AFV models. We apologize..

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