Friday, November 28, 2014

Dragon 1/72 Stug.III Ausf.G Early (by Hakan Karlı)

Hello dear friends,
Our crazy modeler Hakan is coming.
Another delightful work for miniafv,  crazy guy.. But awful photos,
incompetent guy...


click please for the next page : http://miniafv.....-172-stugiii-ausfg-early-with.html

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Elegant dual "Trumpeter M113" & "Esci M901" Comparsion.. (by Erhan Atalay)


Previously I shared review for this model.
Esci M901 :http://miniafv....esci-172-m901-hammer-head-first-page-by.html 
Trumpeter M113 :http://miniafv...trumpeter-172-m113a2-armored-car-first.html
Now, let's continue with comparison...

Esci's wheels and sprocket are single and thick piece. Trumpeter wheels are double, thinner and detailed..Esci : 0 Trumpeter : 1

Trumpeter has the engine details ..Esc lost again ..Esci : 0 Trumpeter :2

Trumpeter's tracks are composed of vinyl. Esci's tracks have plastic parts. I prefer  Esci.
Esci : 1 Trumpeter : 2

Rear door... I like Esci :)  Esci : 2 Trumpeter : 2

And here is side skirts. Esci to win !! (because I love Esci)  Esci : 3 Trumpeter : 2

And completed models.. I think both of them very nice..

Painting time..
Trumpeter M 113 paint :  Humbrol 105 for base and  Model Master Military Brown (FS30117) and Tamiya XF-60 Nato black for Nato camouflage..

Esci M901 paint :  Vallejo 70874 tan earth for base, Gunze olive green, Vallejo 313 stencil and Vallejo black for MERDC camouflage

After paint and decals 

click please for the M901 :http://miniafv.....esci-172-m901-hammer-head-completed-by.html 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Trumpeter 1/72 Sd.kfz.9/1 Drehkran 6T Auf Zugkraftwagen 18T (by Baki Temel)

Hello everyone,
Today there is a new contribution. His name is Baki Temel. He made a Braille Scale project. A large project, it is a diorama.
First, I want to share models about this diorama. Then diorama will come. This model didn't have in miniafv content. I started with this.
Thank you Baki Temel. Big job !!


Completed model :

click please for D.A.K diorama :http://miniafv...dak-diorama-somewhere-in-africa-by.html

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