Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Revell 1/72 H.M.C.S. SNOWBERRY (by Veli Vahap Saltık)

Hello there,

The ship model in April coming from a master modeler , his name is Veli Vahap Saltık. Veli  usually makes civilian vehicles on a large scale. Mud, dust, rust etc.. effects too easy for him.

Finally, we hosted Veli with this ship. Wow... very nice result.. And welcome to "miniafv"..


  1. A lot of detail for this difficult scale, great work.

  2. Excelent model, I think the rigging is slghtly more detailed than I did on my model (I ommited the lashing on the life rafts and I did not include all the blocks on some of the liftng tackle)and the stains under scupperways is a nice touch. Unfortunately, you, and I, made the same mistake in using theline of hull plating as the border between the red anti fouling and the upper hull camouflage paint scheme, which is consequently underwater in the midships regionn and so is prone to fouling. You, and I, should have followed a horizontal line parallel to and sligtly above the loaded waterline in a calm sea. It's easy to correct by repainting the anti fouling and I keep meaning to do it but somehow I have yet to get around to doing it.

    Ian Clark, Master Mariner

  3. Marvelous...¡¡ That´s...ALL...¡¡¡¡¡


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