Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Black dog 1/72 Destroyed Panther base (by Adnan Değirmenci)

Hello dear friends,

Today there is a new contribution, his name is Adnan Değirmenci.
It was a nice start for Adnan about Braille Scale modeling .. I hope he continues.
Very nice finish for this Blackdog ready kit . Well done Adnan ..
And welcome.
Erhan ..

completed model..


  1. Nice work!
    But I see one unrealistic detail - barrels. After the battle the must look like strainer. Many splinters and bullets fly near - and barrels absolutely new)))))))))

  2. Very nice weathering and painting effects ! I would just have added some wreck in th engine bay and used dunkelgelb color base.
    But these "details" are nothing compare to your high quality level.



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