Thursday, July 30, 2015

Maquette 1/72 SA-2 Guideline (S-75 Dvina) / by Çetin Sarf

Hello dear friends,

Today's page is about a missile from Çetin Sarf.  For a long time I couldn't share Cetin's models. Because he didn't produce :). This working is also old but I've discovered and I wanted to show for you. (I will share soon a new working from Çetin)..

The S-75 Dvina (Russian: С-75; NATO reporting name SA-2 Guideline) is a Soviet-designed, high-altitude air defense system, built around a surface-to-air missile with  command guidance.  Since its first deployment in 1957 it has become the most widely deployed air defense system in history. It scored the first destruction of an enemy aircraft by a surface-to-air missile, shooting down a Taiwanese Martin RB-57D Canberra over China, on October 7, 1959, hitting it with three V-750 (1D) missiles at an altitude of 20 km (65,600 ft). The success was attributed to Chinese fighters at the time in order to keep the S-75 program secret.

This system first gained international fame when an S-75 battery, using the newer, longer-range and higher-altitude V-750VN (13D) missile shot down the U-2 of  Francis Gary Powers overflying the Soviet Union on May 1, 1960. The system was also deployed in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis , where on October 27, 1962, it shot down a U-2  overflying Cuba flown by Rudolf Anderson, almost precipitating nuclear war. North Vietnamese forces used the S-75 extensively during the Vietnam War  to defend Hanoi and Haiphong. It has also been locally produced in the China  using the names HQ-1 and HQ-2. (from Wikipedia)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trumpeter 1/72 KV-2 M1940 tank (by Gürkan Özkan)

Hello all,

Soviet heavy tank in the hands of Trumpeter. Nice, fine molds, easy snap and a good shape in the box. 1 piece of vinyl tracks. It has average price for a 72 scale model afv.

No fittness issues. It 's easy to finish the model. I painted it by brush using acrylics. I used russian green and I worked some heavy weathering.

I used oil paints and pigments for weathering. Not bad for this scale. But I think I will work some winter camouflage on it.

After all, I dont recommend it ) Why not? Details are not enough. There are some problems like wrong places for the parts. And the vinyl tracks hard to give shape and attach to the model.
Gürkan Özkan..

Thank you Gürkan....Erhan..

completed model ..

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trumpeter 1/72 Sd.Kfz.186 "Jagdtiger" **completed** (by Hakan Karlı)

Hello everyone,

A few pages before, we started a story about Jagdtiger. Click please for remember :
Now here is the completed model ...
Painted camouflage in the garage.. Good job Hakan I love your vignettes..

this photo from "Scale World 2nd Model Competition"/ Rahmi M.Koç Museum - Istanbul. (May 16-17, 2015) (http://miniafv....scale-world-2nd-model-competition-16-17.html)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Zvezda 1/72 T-90 Russian Main Battle Tank **building** (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello everyone,
We are continuing  the second page about Zvezda T-90 kit.
(Click for the first page .http://miniafv..../zvezda-172-t-90..)

I don't like the barrel of the box content. I think mould quality is poor. I changed the metal barrel (from RB Model)

Continue with the turret. Very small pieces but the details are very good.

Body details .. Continues an enjoyable work and coming a nice model.

a selfie with the wheels. . I love this scene in each model .

I added weight into the body. Will be a heavy model..

attention to the suspension system. They're not all the same...

Tracks must bending but not very flexible. Every moment can be broken..

like this :)

But it is not difficult for complete.. I remembered the Revell kit. It made the two-piece assembly.

And Zveda kit.

and continues to details..

A comparison again .. T-90 chassis .. Modelcollect (old version TOS1A) and Zvezda

Kord..  12.7 mm heavy machine gun (thank you dear Viktor (vkrestinin)

and our guns. which one is better :)

Zvezda has given up to 10 piece for gun

Fuel drums. Need some putty and sanding

Tow-cable is interesting and very successful..

aerial is so bad. I'll replace it with a metal aerial

and completed..

with Modelcollect kit..

update, 12.10.2015..
new photos about unpaint model..


to be continued..
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