Friday, November 14, 2014

Trumpeter 1/72 KV-1 M1942 "Simplified Turret Tank" (by Burak Çınar)

1/72 Trumpeter KV-1 Model 1942 "Simplified Turret Tank"
Box No: 07234

Trumpeter's this type of KV-1 satisfied me as piece level (less than 100) and its details are fair. I have not engage a serious problems while assembling. Only disadvantage is variety of decals. The decal I preferred had no reference in the box, needed extra work via the web.

I have sprayed with dark green, then smoothed it with Tamiya's green, gray and white. I have gloss varnished after fixing decals and mat varnished at the end. Tamiya's mud effect was added later.

Burak Çınar..

Thank you for sharing Burak,

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