Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Attack Hobby 1/72 Flakpanzer 38 (t) / construction / by Erhan

Hello dear friends,

Here is a new model, actually began in April. But not yet been completed. I hope that ends as soon as possible because I'm bored...

Molding is not good, the parts are not compatible. Soft plastic...

few small resin parts..

I started with the wheels..

with a Marder III. Which one is more beautiful. ?  Marder's another story ...

interesting tracks .....

need some putty...

After primer.. (Vallejo surface primer)

after base color..

masking with Uhu-Tac

the result ... I don't like .. but go on

Details painted..

click please for the completed model http://miniafv....flakpanzer-38-t-gepard.html


  1. Certainly not a very crisp mould - it looks as if it is made of soap! Good luck !!

  2. Well, once you start a project, you don't give up.


  3. nice subject too, so I like it..

  4. thank you dear friends but it will not be a good model...


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