Monday, March 26, 2012

Revell 1/72 M3-A1 Bradley / first chapter / Burak Özdil

Hi everyone,

Model, manufactured by Revell M-2/3A1. This model has an interesting story. Got to be along time ago, just spare parts, as the MRLs was going to scratch. But when the middle of the full model, Armo produced MLRS . This kit is also made ​​of scrap. I saw theenthusiasm in the above photo later.Vehicles, served in Germany in the late '80s. Then brought to Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm. (24th Mechanized, 4th Cavalry, 3rdplatoon) old-style armor Bradleys had first come into the desert. A2 model has been adopted by later plate armor. However, my model is a hybrid. So many places I had to use parts from A2.

Assembly stage of the model is over quickly.

Burak Özdil...

To be continued ... (tomorrow will be the completed model).
please click for completed model
Erhan ...


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