Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Which StuG ?? (by Erhan)

Hi everyone,
A StuG Campaign began in "armorama" . I join of course :) Where is my stock about Stug.. Hımm there were only three. I couldn't decide which one should be.

** Trumpeter StuG III Ausf G
** Trumpeter Stug IV
** Matcbox StuG IV (Revell has re-box, it's not 1/76 a real 1/72)

What do you think ??

(I created last week this page..but I couldn't post due to my work. I started one of the. I hope you choose the kit that started..) 
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  1. Build Matchbox, collect Trumpeters for me. :)

  2. hi Burak,
    I remembered, I have given a Esci StuG to you :) you can do it because Trumpeters for me :)))

  3. Erhan, there is only one answer. Airfix. It is the answer to every question. Seriously, the Matchbox one would be an interesting build for old times sake..


    1. thank you Dimitri, Airfix my favorite label of course but not in my stock ..

  4. The trumpeter stug III is a nice kit. it gives a lot of options (guns, roofs), even if they aren't explained in the instructions. so you can choose from different versions, and keep the other pieces for future projects. the stug iv from trumpeter I don't have, but it shares many pieces with the stug iii kit so it should be a nice kit too.
    the matchbox - revell stug iv is quite old, and they told me it's inferior to other revell kits - but it's a decent kit anyway.
    i'd go for the trumpeter stug III G (but also the other two are interesting)

  5. hımmm
    2 votes Matchbox
    2 votes Trump.StuG III
    1 votes Airfix
    Let's go a little..I'm waiting..

  6. okey Kerem :) help me please my friend ...

  7. Matchbox StuG-IV has 3 votes. :)

  8. Okey :) Matchbox has 3 votes :) but i'm sorry i began Trumpeter StuG IV ...


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