Friday, September 7, 2012

Revell 1/72 Leopard 2A6 HEL- page 1 (By Burak Özdil)

Hello dear friends,

A big project Burak Özdil. He build a Leopard 2A6 from Greece Army.. This project fit in three pages. Beginning with the first page. Enjoy.

And here is Burak : 

Hi, When I take new molded Revell’s Leopard 2 A6, I image two models in my head. One of them
Leopard-2 A6 HEL (or EX)
Burak Özdil...

Here is new Leopard 2A6 parts...

I didn’t take too much information about tank so It was very hard to change model

Body side completed quickly. My style is painting before assembly.( I use this my all models)

Bottom side finished! I used Testors “olive drap” (FS 34087)

Revell’s new mold is very fine. All components matched perfectly.

Finally I started “nose side” I spend most of times in “prime portal” for take all infos about A6 EX. I
planned to work with Evergreen plastic plates.

I have to use referance point for start so I started from skirt side.

Finally finished front side. All angles were checked... Front side need little makeup for finish

With other Leo project...

will continue with the turret...
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  1. Nice start! And I like the Testors color. It's one of my favorites of all time.

    1. Hi everyone,
      Testors bottles ... drying paints to the trash ..
      (but the colors are perfect, you're right)

    2. I think best paint Testors color, Erhntly, put upside down botles :)


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