Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Revell 1/72 M1 A1 (HA) Abrams (by Murad Özer)

Hello fellow scale modellers.

Since i enjoy building modern afv mainly, my arsenal was sorely lacking an M1A1 Abrams, which this beautiful Revell kit was the perfect choice. Altho the kit itself has very good details overall, after searching for 1st Gulf War related references i decided to add a couple of more details where ever i could, such as:

* I hacked most of the kit’s decals; the gun barrel slogan (totally bogus), US flag on the antenna (there was no negative, so 1 side is not right), id plates on the turret and the chevrons and battalion number on the sideskirts.

* Antenna and coil on the base of the antenna itself are made from heated sprue as usual.

* Wide bag on the bustle rack is hand sculpted out of paraffine wax tightened with regular sewing thread.

* Small bag on top of the turret roof is several layers of dried up acrylic paint, again hand sculpted.
*Folded camo netting is made out of florists’ garment to dress flower bouquets.

* Tow cable is coiled out of 4 fibers of clear monofil fixed via superglue.

* Assorted attachments all around the turret are from the spares box.

That’s about all folks, thanks for watching and happy modelling.


Thank you for sharing Murad,
Erhan - miniafv..


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