Monday, May 5, 2014

Dragon 1/72 VK.45.02 (P)H **painting** (by Erhan Atalay)

Hello dear visitor,

Last month I shared review and construction page about this kit. Do you remember ?
click please http://miniafv.../dragon-172-vk4502-ph-review-erhan-atalay.html
Now, you can read painting and other stages..
miniafv, Erhan...

firstly, I tried to this camouflage but I didn't like the colors.

There are some problems with the molding. My friend Jan Etal opened a thread on this subject in "armorama" Braille Scale forum..   
For example,  tools and towing cable (on the side). Very bad moulding and I can't paint...

And than, I cut gears and only way input for track...

I changed the color .. Now, Classic German yellow ..

Details were painted ..

And the other mistake.. The spare tracks on the turret .. Made ​​for King tiger ..I nevertheless used them..Therefore My friends criticized me in "facebook" groups :)

The decal application and gloss varnish..

After washing..

After weathering..

 I decided made a base with some figures. I used two figures of Orion German WW2 Panzer Soldiers Set.. They have exquisite molds (

With a 1/35 scale tanker

after black primer

Painting time

And completed .. I think 1/72 scale figures better than 1/35 fıgure

click please for completed model :http://miniafv...172-vk4502-ph-completed-by-erhan.html


  1. For all the shortcomings you mention, I can see nothing to criticise in the final product. My own take on the added track adorning the turret - how an earth could anyone sensibly describe the addition as 'incorrect', even if (as I suspect), that type of track was not used by this type of AFV? One could always argue it as a field modification for added protection to the fighting compartment.

    At any rate, this model is well up to the high standards you guys have set on this blog.

    The problem with track fitting musty be common to models of this vehicle. Years ago I encountered the same difficulty with the ESCI Elefant.

  2. Hi Paul and Piccolo, thank you for comment ;)


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