Thursday, April 14, 2022

HobbyBoss 1/72 German Land-Wasser-Schiepper (LWS) medium prod. "review page" (by Erhan Atalay)


Hi dear friends, 

Amphibious vehicles have always intrigued me. I have made a Japanese vehicle Dragon Ka-Mi  before. (I immediately bought this kit when HobbyBoss released it. And now it's time for some progress. 

Landwasserschlepper (LWS) was an unarmed amphibious tractor produced in Germany during World War II.

Today I am sharing an in-box preview and build process of the kit. Painting and finishing is another time..

The kit, like all new released  Hobby-Boss kits, is produced with few parts and easy to assemble.
Mold quality is excellent, I did not use any putty in assembly. However, some details need to be worked on. OOB completion is possible but not satisfactory.


Parts diagram and painting guide from the builder's guide (black and white)

There is a color printed painting chart in the 1/35 kit content, it can be used...

one-piece cabin... Details molded on it. Be careful when painting.

sprue with body and detail parts.. There are very few parts :)

detail of the deck..

boat hull..


one piece tracks.. an easy problem..

decal and clear parts..

Building photos...

I masked the windows.

annoying.. the anchor rope should be wrapped around the blue marked parts.. For this, this part needs scratch-build production.

comleted..(The cabin was not glued to the deck,  the tracks were not glued...The blue zone about the anchor is waiting for me.)

more visual photos

to be continued...

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