Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dragon 1/72 Tiger I Late Prod. (by Kaan Kurdoğlu)

Hi dear friends,
Here is a new modeler, his name is Kaan Kurdoğlu, welcome to "miniafv"

Enjoy !!!

Kaan said : Our vehicle 1/72 Dragon Tiger I late. A nice kit with Zimmerit. Base paint Model Master dunkelgelb and Tamiya red brown for camouflage. According to the plan the Tiger is actually three color camouflage. So it was what if :) I applied light brown oil washing and dry brush with napples yellow.


  1. Well, again...very nice modeling. Looks to me like the brown wash really gives this old iron-tread a dirty dingy and used appearance. Super!

  2. I love your work here at miniafv! Beautiful painting and the Zimmerit is looking very cool!


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