Saturday, October 20, 2012

ICM 1/72 BTR 152S Armored Command Vehicle (By Barış Bayar)

Barış Bayar shared a model. His first trial airbrush. I think a successful result. Nice work, thank you Barış ...

parts and meet

assembly OK and unused parts

The main paint

complete camouflage

completed model


  1. Nice work with the airbrush and with a basic kit, really well done.

  2. It is a simple model but offers a good finish, and something different to do.
    Naturally, it contributes a job well done as usual in your 1/72

  3. Beautiful airbrushed work. And the mud and grime has been masterfuly applied in the right places. Well done!

  4. Great work Barış, I want one! Really effective and authentic looking paint scheme.

    Well done.

  5. what a nice looking kit, I got the ICM BM-24-12 it was the first AFV kit I made and I was happy with the kit even though I messed up its construction... looking at the tea spoon makes me want a cup of tea, good thing I have one in front of me.

  6. An interesting and unusual subject, and a very nice paintjob!


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