Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zvezda 1/72 Tiger I Early (by Özgür Aydın)

Hello everyone,

I did a short holiday. In the meantime, my blog partner Kerem, celebrated Turkish Republic Day. Thank you my friend...

Let's go to our braille scalle models. Now, Özgür's Zvezda / Tiger turn. Construction stages shared this past week. (zvezda-172-tiger-i-early-first-page-by.html) Here is completed model...

PS : click please for construction stage http://miniafv....zvezda-172-tiger-i-early-first-page-by.html


  1. Great job! The ability to control the airbrush pressure and fluid viscosity in order to get the corrosion and mud splatter affect is 1st class, Sir!

  2. A very nice finish indeed! The single dark green disruptive pattern somehow really allows the model to stand out, and totally agree with Jay's comments about the corrosion and mud effects. First class!


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